Alternative Dispute Resolution

Divorce Mediation is a process for separating couples to develop an agreement over how custody, support, parenting time, and distribution of assets and debts will be shared upon completion of the divorce, or separation. Couples should have an attorney review their agreement and file the divorce in court. Mediation can reduce the likelihood of your decisions being made via litigation in court.

Parent Coordination is a process whereby the Parent Coordinator, appointed by a Judge, assists separating couples with problem solving, communication and decision making regarding the logistics and struggles of becoming a two-household family. Parent Coordination assists in reducing the amount of tension and stress associated for all family members, especially the children. 

Mediation and/or Coordination  can support parents to get

through the divorce with less stress and conflict than you are likely to 

experience in a traditional adversarial courtroom setting. 

 If you have an attorney, please speak with them about the benefits of utilizing Mediation and/or Coordination. Your children will thank you for choosing a problem solving approach as opposed to arguing.