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Finding an expert to perform evaluations for the court can be difficult, as many clinicians are reluctant due to not having been trained to conduct forensic vs. clinical assessments. Attorneys need evidenced based social science findings to serve the best interest of their client. Kathryn's experience in court procedures can greatly assist in guiding therapeutic recommendations.   

In addition, many clinicians may not be familiar or comfortable with court testimony and procedure.   Kathryn Dixon has testimonial experience and is prepared to substantiate findings and conclusions in court. Kathryn has extensive knowledge of the court system and is skilled in co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders,  as well as parenting, child custody and divorce mediation.  

Interstate FACTS provides forensic services for consumers, treatment practitioners and attorneys in the New Jersey & New York court systems.  Interstate FACTS’ foremost consideration with every client is to appraise the individual and family factors that may have a bearing on case outcomes, as well as any children who may be impacted.